Food, glorious food; there's nothing quite like it for soothing the mood. It's essential, it keeps us alive. When it's done well it can set off multiple pleasure receptors in our brains and stage hedonistic parties on our tongues. Yes, food is friend.

While food is predominantly all about the flavour, there's always been an inherent willingness in the chef community to serve it in unusual and aesthetically-pleasing ways. Because, as the million cooking shows on television will tell you, food is not just about the taste but the experience that comes with it.

" is not just about the taste but the experience that comes with it."

And so we come to the meat of the sandwich, the ice cream in the Viennetta, the jam in the hot scone; and present to you our compilation of the most awesome food vans in the world.

If you're going to a music festival this summer, expect to see some of these dotted around the place surrounded by hungover twenty-somethings in wellington boots.


The Tank-Tread Burrito Van

Burritos + Tank = Burrito Tank?

The Grass-Covered Food Van

It's like a garden with wheels...and food.


The Hot-Dog-On-The-Roof Van

This van's rooftop decoration makes us really hungry.


The Cupcake Bus

Probably the best the world.


The Pimpin' Purple Neon Van

With the purple neon up top, and the cool graphic on the side, this is one seriously pimped food van.


The Metal Pig Van

The Mad Max creative director just called. He wants his pig-shaped van from the dystopian future back.


The Frozen Yogurt Bus

If you've been to London's South Bank, you'll probably have seen this frozen yogurt bus knocking around.


The Ambulance Food Van

"Call 999! I'm hungry."


The Punk Rock Food Van

It's got a mohawk...A MOHAWK!


The Beatbox Kitchen

It might look like a retro sound system, but this is actually a food van.


The Space Shuttle Cafe

Thanks to the Space Shuttle Cafe, you need never go hungry again...on your next voyage to the moon.


The Hot-Dog-Mobile

It's literally a hot dog on wheels. Incredible.


The Lobster Van

This is either a wacky customised food van, or evidence of a giant lobster invasion.


The Peanut Van

Warning: This product may contain nuts.


The Burger Van

Is it a burger? Is it a van?...It's obviously a van.

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The Vincent Van Dough Van

In a parallel universe, Holland's most famous painter started his own wood fried pizza business.


The Dystopian Pizza Van

When we've used up all of earth's natural resources, and the world is nothing but desert, this is what pizza vans will look like.


The Communist Propaganda Van

The state military dictatorship has told me to tell you that the Chairman Bao Bun Truck is the best food van in the world.

Food Trucks

New Vietnamese Supergroup

*starts humming a classic from the Backstreet Boys back catalogue*


Team America Ice Cream Van

USA! USA! USA! USA! Mmmm. Ice cream.


The Extreme Ice Cream Van

Because nothing says "extreme", like eating an ice cream...while driving off-road.

Street + Pizza = Streetza

What do you eat pizza with? Your mouth. What's in your mouth? Your teeth. What's this pizza van been designed to look like? Teeth and gums.


The Monster Ice Cream Truck

As this picture demonstrates, if you're a small child you'll need a step ladder to actually buy an ice cream.