that looks like a dick

that looks like a dick

Instagram is a strange place. The internet is a strange place. Earth is a strange place, and the humans that inhabit it are incredibly strange.

We’ve already looked at some of the most disgusting passenger fails ever featured on Instagram, and shown you some of the weirdest things ever confiscated at airport security, because apparently, just looking at sick action sports and adventure shots on the Mpora Instagram account isn’t enough for you all. You need topless, hairy plane passengers, confiscated smoke grenades, and, seemingly, stuff that looks like dicks to keep you entertained.

Well, they say the customer is always right, so, being the public servant that we are, Mpora has gathered together some of the ‘best’ examples of outdoor posts from the ‘That Looks Like a Dick’ Instagram account for your viewing pleasure.

that looks like a dick 1

that looks like a dick 1

Okay, so this is a weird post. But ‘That Looks Like a Dick’ is a strange Instagram account, and it’s got well over 300,000 followers.

Think about that for a moment. Over 300,000 people look at their phones every morning in the hope of seeing a picture of something that isn’t a human penis, but which looks mildly like one. It’s because of those kind of people that this post exists. So, without further ado...

1) These Things

2) This Turtle

3) This Saddle

4) This Mushroom

5) Oh God

6) Sky Rockets in Flight

7) Afternoon Delight

8) This Misfortune

9) This Cat Knows

10) Scarred For Life

11) HA!

12) Seasonal Treat

13) These Fireworks

14) That Trunk

15) This Ill-Timed Photo

16) This Cat Tail

17) This Absolutely Should Not Be A Thing

18) The Most Inappropriate Sun of All Time

19) We've Gone So Off-Topic Here

20) Natural Wonders

21) Someone Has To Tell Her

22) "Downpoars"

23) Congratulations, You Just Looked at 22 Pictures of Non-Dicks

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