We've seen underwater hotels, mountain hotels without walls and hotels in the icy arctic snow.... But this hotel has just taken things to a new level.

Plans for the Rosemont Hotel in Dubai has plans not only for a glass bottomed infinity pool thousands of feet above the ground, but also its very own rainforest within the building.

The hotel, which will be owned by the Hilton group, will have 53-story towers, 448-key hotel, 280-room serviced apartment towers.... and it's own living tropical rainforest.


The high tech rainforest will span a huge 75,000 square foot and will include adventure trails, splash pools, waterfalls, a beach and a prehistoric Jurassic-inspired marsh.

"The hotel’s location in Dubai is not near any beaches. mountains or natural attraction"

An advanced feature that will be featured, is an advanced sensory rain system that creates a 360-degree experience, simulating the sensation of being surrounded by rainfall without actually getting wet!


The hotel's location in Dubai is not near any beaches. mountains or natural attractions, so the designers decided to create their own within the complex.

"Our client's concept was to create a very unique destination for the city of Dubai" says DJ Armin, principal architect and managing partner of ZAS Architects Dubai.

"Create a project that would be a destination itself, with every possible leisure and entertainment amenity inside the hotel."


While the idea of experiencing such an enormous feat of science and architecture would be amazing, we're not sure this is something we'd ever put on our bucket list.

Much like cruise ships or all inclusive resorts, the idea of a holiday where you don't leave the place you're staying makes us feel a little weird, even if it is a multi-million pound experience.

Frankly, we'd rather they'd spend the money on helping the real rainforest...

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