You can test how good your moral values are with a map - Photo: iStock

Have you ever wondered how good your moral values are? Where do you sit on a scale of Mother Teresa to Niccolò Machiavelli. Or Travis Pastrana to Lance Armstrong.

It turns out that the wonkiness of your moral compass is impacted directly by the accuracy of your actual, literal compass, or so a study by the INSEAD Business School suggests.

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The test to see how good your moral values are is simple. Firstly, see how many of the following countries you have visited:

France, USA, Spain, Italy, China, UK, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Macau, Cyprus, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Senegal, Namibia, Australia.


How did you score?

0-5: You are a paragon of virtue

6-10: Pretty average

11-20: A little shady

20-50: Code Red, Darth Vader-level wrongun

The study, which tested over 600 residents of Montreal, found that the more countries a person visited, the higher the chance of them cheating on a computerised quiz. It also discovered that students were more likely to cheat if they’ve studied abroad, compared to those that have not travelled for study.

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The people behind the study concluded that, the greater amount of cultures a person encounters and becomes immersed in, the more they start to view morality as relative, as opposed to absolute.

The silver lining is that the study also suggested that travel also increases creativity and decreases prejudice. And with more creative, less prejudice people in the world, who cares if you cheat on a Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong To quiz on FuzzBead?

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