Screenshot: YouTube (via (Александр Тихомиров).

Travel films are simultaneously our favourite and least favourite things on the planet. We love them because they get us hyped on travelling the world, and we hate them because they remind us that we're not currently travelling the world. Yeah, they really stir up a cocktail of emotions.

One of the most famous filmmakers in the YouTube travel genre, alongside Jay Alvarrez, is Alexander Tikhomirov. His last Bali video gave us such a bad case of wanderlust we were spooning purple-flavoured Calpol into our sobbing faces for days afterwards.

Tikhomirov's latest one, called 'The Moments of Life. Spring 2016', is having a similar effect on us right about now. One minute he's skydiving with a giant inflatable duck, the next - he's clinging to the wing of a plane. One minute he's cliff-diving into a the most beautiful blue water you've ever seen, the next - he's swimming with a load of sea creatures.

It's clear that this guy is living the globe-trotter's dream right about now. Heck. If this type of video content doesn't make you want to hop on the next available flight to anywhere-but-here, then you're a stronger-willed person than we are. Also, massive props to him for that Lion King tribute at the end. Nice touch.

Screenshot: YouTube (via (Александр Тихомиров).
Screenshot: YouTube (via (Александр Тихомиров).

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