LifeProof have released what has got to be the toughest range of Bluetooth speakers ever made.

Since the brand was formed almost a decade ago, LifeProof have been making phone cases that, not to put too finer point on it, changed the way we can all shoot footage. Wrapped in a LifeProof case, your smartphone or tablet all of a sudden become basically indestructible.

This means that you can put your phone in places where normally it’d be destroyed, but because it's in a super tough LifeProof case, it can survive everything from a bang on the floor to an entire car driving over it and still be filming.

With a virtually indestructible phone in your hands, what more can you possibly ask for? Well, if the answer to that is “how about a set of virtually indestructible Bluetooth speakers" then this is your lucky day.

LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ9 Bluetooth Speaker Review

“If music be the food of love, then keep a speaker in your back pocket" to paraphrase Coventry born writer William Shakespeare. Doubtlessly ahead of his time, old Bill Shakespeare could well have been talking about the LifeProof AQ9 Speaker. This compact speaker is portable enough to go just about anywhere with you, but it packs one hell of a powerful punch for something so small.

As you’d expect from a LifeProof product, the Aquaphonics AQ9 is one tough cookie. It’s sealed to be protected from dust, dirt, and snow getting in a ruining the tech on the inside. It’s designed to be able to withstand drops from over a metre, and it’s even submersible in water, so can take a dip in the ocean as far as a metre down for 30 minutes and still come out blasting your favourite tunes.

Lifeproof Aquaphonics  Bluetooth speaker

The Lifeproof Aquaphonics AQ9 is designed to be compact enough to follow you anywhere

Lifeproof Aquaphonics  Bluetooth speaker

The controls on the Lifeproof Aquaphonics AQ9 are sleek, and easy to use

"This compact speaker is portable enough to go anywhere, but it packs one hell of a powerful punch"

Lifeproof Aquaphonics  Bluetooth speaker

The Lifeproof Aquaphonics AQ9 Bluetooth speaker may be small, but it packs a powerful punch

Size wise, it's smaller than it's brother, the LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ10, at just 14 x 8cm, and 254g. That's about the same size and weight of a small book, which is discreet enough to fit into your bag, whether you’re hiking, backpacking, surfing, snowboarding, or whatever else you do to have fun. Plus the built-in carabiner means you can attach the speaker to the outside of your bag, if it’s full of gear.

LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ10 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The sound from the Lifeoroof Aquaphonics AQ9 is incredible – and not just incredible for its size either. There’s emphasis on the bass, but not so much that it muddies up the mid range or top notes. The sound is crisp, clear, and can get good and loud when you really crank it.

"This compact speaker can travel everywhere with you, take anything you can throw at it, and still really bring the noise"

Should you feel the need, you can connect to your phone via the auxiliary in port on the speaker, but most people will connect wirelessly using the built in Bluetooth. Connecting to your smartphone is a doddle and within seconds you’ll listening to tune after tune. You can connect up to eight Bluetooth devices to the AQ9, although there’s no way of stopping your girlfriend playing Ed Sheeran records once she’s connected.

If you’re looking for a compact speaker that can travel everywhere with you, can take anything you can throw at it, and really brings the noise when you want it to, the LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ9 has got to be worth a go.

Lifeproof Aquaphonics  Bluetooth speaker

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