Should you take children out of school to travel while they're young?

It's a question that raises some conflict between parents. While education and constant schooling is seen by many as a necessary part of growing up, others see the education given by travel and other cultures, to be just as enlightening for children as a classroom.

Travel creates a sense of curiosity, along with a deeper understanding of other cultures and ways of life, but school gives the basic skills and knowledge needed to move forward in society.

It's a tricky one, right?


Mihai Barbu and his girlfriend took their four-year-old son Vladimir for a four-month trip across Europe.

They traveled through 41 countries and 28.000kms, riding a 2014 Ural Ranger sidecar called Zair!

Check out all the new experiences Vladimir collected along the way, and make your own mind up on whether a childhood should be spent travelling or not....