saddest place names on earth sad topographies instagram

saddest place names on earth sad topographies instagram

There are Instagram account for everything these days. Sure, you still get the action sports and adventure accounts that bring your daily inspiration, like the Mpora Instagram for example – nudge, nudge, wink, wink – but you also get some rather more bizarre accounts.

Recently we’ve brought you the story of Hawkeye Huey, the 5-year-old Instagrammer and National Geographic photographer. Then there’s accounts like the TSA account which highlights the strangest things ever confiscated at American airports and the ‘That Looks Like a Dick’ account, which, well, is all in the name really.

saddest place names on earth sad topographies instagram 2

saddest place names on earth sad topographies instagram 2

In amongst all the madness though, occasionally a piece of pure genius, originality or hilarity will pop up and put a smile on your face, and the hilarity-factor is there in abundance for the wonderfully morbid travel account Sad Topographies. It digs out the most depressing place names across the world on Google Maps and posts them to social media.

@Sadtopographies is run by Australian artist Damien Rudd, who told Quartz, “In Australia, like the US and Canada, there are many depressing place names that are connected to the dark history of early colonialism, and the mishaps of explorers and settlers."

The account description? Simply “Somewhere to go, when you’re feeling low." It’s poetic in a way. And it also makes for a magnificently melancholic scroll. Here are some of the best...

1) Suicide Bridge Road

2) Mt Despair

3) Depression Pond

4) Misery Bay

5) Melancholy Waterhole

6) Massacre Island

7) Mistake Island

8) Shades of Death Road

9) Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

10) Despair Island

11) Tragedy Pool

12) Sorrow Islands

13) Disappointment Island

14) Hopeless Pass

15) Unfortunate Cove

16) Dead Dog Island

17) Alone

18) Calamity Lake

19) Lonesome Road

20) Disappointment Cove

21) Devastation Island

22) Nothing

23) All Alone

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