We all aspire to travel. Some of us are lucky enough to do it. But can we do it more? Can we see more of the world?

The people behind this stunning little video think so. It’s all about making life your priority, and that a life spent traveling is a life spent well. So, why not make seeing the world your goal. And not just that, but do so regularly.

Yes, we all have commitments, and bullshit that gets in the way – everybody does. But as the faceless voiceover in this film asks, “is this not our only chance?...Stop spending your money at the bar every weekend. Buy a plane ticket and put on a jacket.".

The film itself is about a surf mission to Iceland, but it could be talking about going anywhere to do anything, as long as there's a journey.


To call it preachy - and it is a little - but to call it preachy is to miss the point. The point is that there are corners of the world that are waiting for you. Waiting for your adventure. Travel is it’s own reward, so maybe it’s time to go out there and get some.

Or, you know, just keep propping up that same bar every weekend. Which are you going to choose.

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