Screen Shot: YouTube.

“Christ almighty, not another gimmicky dance video."

“Hasn't the human race had enough of this already?!"

“No! No! NO! Not another one, for fork’s sake."

When it comes to discussing the inexplicable popularity of YouTube dance videos, these are all perfectly normal responses. Heck, if we see one more video of some random couple’s “wacky" first wedding dance we’ll be obligated to write that happy couple a stern letter.

Maybe it’s because we’re an absolute shit-fest when it comes to dancing, but these viral sensations never cease to annoy us. Or at least, that was, until we saw this effort by a man named Matt Bray.

Hats off to you, Matt Bray, you’ve chiselled through our cold-hearted cynicism and taught us what it means to feel something...while watching a dance video.

Bray’s dance, which he does to the LCAW remix of Parov Stelar’s The Sun ft. Graham Candy, takes in 100 entirely different locations. It should be annoying, it should be the naffest thing you’ve ever seen, but it’s all strangely enjoyable. Well done, Matt. Well done.

Not only did watching it make us want to form our own Mpora dance crew, and jive around the office like a bunch of dickheads, it also made us want to go out there and visit a whole heap of places we’ve never been before. The whole thing has a go-on-then-put-your-shoes-on-and-explore-the-world feel to it, which is something we really like.

If you need us, we’ll be body-poppin’ on our desks like champions.

Screen Shot: YouTube.

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