kitesurf top of necker

Sir Richard Branson is one of those billionaires who tends to keep himself to himself most of the time.

Sure, he’ll pop up in the public eye every now and then, but you’ll never catch him drunk in a gutter surrounded by 15 models, or kitesurfing off his private island with a naked model wrapped around his wais- wait, what? Really? Back in 2009? That is seriously strange.

Okay, so it turns out old Rich kind of does enjoy a bit of kitesurfing PR. And he does tend to go all out on his publicity stunts as well, whether it’s scaling buildings, flying over oceans or even dressing up in drag – Google it.

Basically, whenever you see his name outside of the business section, you know that the article to follow is worth a read. The picture above, for example, comes from six years back, when Richard went kitesurfing with naked model Denni Parkinson.

kitesurfer Nick Jacobsen launched himself off the roof of the Great House on Necker – 131 feet above sea level...

Branson, a happily married man, was kitesurfing away on his private Necker Island when the boyfriend of Parkinson at the time - of all people - suggested the photoshoot for a rather special souvenir.

Being the chivalrous knight that he is, Branson stepped up to carry the stunning naked lady along the ocean and entertain news-readers worldwide by doing so, and there's been more kitesurfing madness on Necker recently...

The feature above shows professional kitesurfer Nick Jacobsen launching himself off the roof of the Great House on Necker – 131 feet above sea level – and clearing 300 feet of land including a zip wire and a jungle in the process.

The jump was filmed not as a publicity stunt for Virgin, but for a video part for Nick in the upcoming kitesurfing film Chapter One, of which this will no doubt be one of the big draws.

Nick is no stranger to this kind of action. He’s previously jumped off the top of a crane in South Africa and will soon be taking on the 1000-foot drop from the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Nicely played Jacobsen, but it still wasn’t quite as entertaining as the ever-baffling photo gallery up above!

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