Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Remember when Sir Richard Branson went kitesurfing with a naked model wrapped around his waist? It was, we think, one of the most "laddish" moments in action sports history; the type of story that the tabloids must have lapped up like thirsty pups. The incident happened back in 2009 and even now, six years on, we're still not entirely sure what it was all about. Maybe Branson was auditioning for the role of 007? Who knows? It happened (see photo above).

Not to be outdone, these kite surfing chaps have just thrown down the gauntlet to Branson by taking things to the next level. Not satisfied with merely kitesurfing around with a beautiful woman on their back, they decided to take things skywards and get some air (with a beautiful woman on their back). Again, we're not entirely sure what the point of this is. Are they also auditioning for the role of 007? Who knows? It happened (see video below).

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