It doesn't matter what kind of action sport you're into, every single sport out there has one thing in common, they all require some kind of strength.

While you might not think that yoga is the most obvious sport to use when strength training, many top climbers, snowboarders and surfers use just this to make sure their bodies are conditioned and in peak condition for competitions.

A good strength routine in yoga can not only make your body more durable and increase your endurance, it can also dramatically reduce the risk of injury post workout.

Our yoga guru Abi Carver's strength yoga series concentrates on just this , using upper body, lower body and core workouts that become increasingly difficult as your strength and skilfulness increase.

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Get grounded and give gratitude

"Being strong is essential in every sport but aches, pains and injuries can occur when repetitive movement patterns cause muscular imbalances" explains  Abi.

!For example, mountain bikers have over-developed quads and weak glutes and climbers build strength in their upper back and shoulders in preference to their chest and triceps."

Using yoga to build up strength helps to assess those imbalances and regain strength in underdeveloped areas of the body, to reduce risk of injury.


There are many ways to create a strong and healthy body, ready for all adventures and days on days of impactful exercise, with no worry of pain and stiffness on the following days.

As well as trying the yoga routine below, athletes often try and consume foods that aid recovery from the inside. People who drink cherry juice after endurance training, experience less inflammation and oxidative stress compared to those who didn’t. That means more time to train and build up those strong tissues, tendons and ligaments

Check out the awesome effects of adding cherries into your diet and have a go at the yoga routine below. You'll be fighting fit before you know it!

Love Abi’s yoga routines? You can search and download many more for building strength and much more here!

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