Photo: Gatwick Airport

Are you a nervous flyer? Get the jitters before a long-haul flight?

Gatwick Airport have come up with a genius idea. They are offering free pre-flight yoga classes (or 'floga')  to passengers.

Celebrity yoga teacher Shona Vertue has put together a 20 minute class that will be showing in the South Terminal yoga room.

There are also mats available, so you don't have to worry about bringing your own.

"I am always practising yoga at the gate before boarding," Shona says on the Gatwick Airport Tumblr (yes, Gatwick Airport have their own Tumblr..)

"The postures I choose depends on what time I’m flying and how long the flight is."

The idea is the class will de-stress and relax you before a flight.

It sounds like an awesome idea, but I bet you'll find a few people having a casual nap in there if their flight has been delayed...

Photo: Gatwick Airport

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