1. Yoga Is Really, Really Bad For You

Photo: iStock

Yoga Mat Studio

2. It's Really Boring

Photo: Jamie Anderson

Jamie-Anderson-Handstand Yoga Snowboarder

3. And Easy

Photo: Amy Goalen Photography

Yoga Instructor Man Advanced Pose

4. And Unrelaxing

Photo: PRSNT

PRSNT PERFORMANCE Kjersti Buaas Chanelle Sladics Retreat Snow Camp Yoga

5. You Have To Stretch For An Entire Hour

Yoga Instructor Teaching Class Couple

Yoga Instructor Teaching Class Couple

6. In A Really Ugly Studio

Yoga Class Beautiful Studio

Yoga Class Beautiful Studio

7. With A Rubbish View

Photo: Nina Zietman

Hillside Beach Club Wellness Retreat Turkey Yoga

8. There's Never Any Soothing Music Playing

Yoga Music Studio

Yoga Music Studio

9. Or Nice Smelling Candles/Incense

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Yoga pose

10. The Yoga Instructors Are Really Mean

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Yoga Instructor Laughing

11. And Totally Uninspiring

A photo posted by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on

12. Yoga Won't Make You Feel Less Stressed

Photo: Tumblr

Yoga Instructor Teaching Class Beach

13. Or Stronger

Photo: Tumblr

Hamstring Yoga Men Ski Snowboard

14. Or More Flexible

Photo: Choclo Project

15. It Doesn't Help With Your Surfing...

Surfing Hawaii

Surfing Hawaii

16. Or Snowboarding

Photo: Pinterest

Yoga Snowboard Ski Snow

17. And Only Women Practise Yoga

18. There's Nothing Fun About Yoga

Photo: @surfworktravel

Becky Fox Yoga Surf Travel

19. There's No Variety To The Poses

Photo: Gatwick Airport

Shona Vertue Gatwick Airport Free Yoga 2

20. You Can't Do It At Home

Photo: iStock

Practicing mindfulness at home

21. Or Anywhere Beautiful


22. Once You've Been To One Class, You Never Need To Go Again

Photo: practiceyoga.la

Yoga Pose Half Moon

23. The Yoga Mats Are Really Ugly

Photo: La Vie Boheme

Yoga Mat La Vie Boheme

24. And There's Barely Any Choice Of Outfits To Wear

Photo: Sweaty Betty

Yoga Outfit Clothing Sweaty Betty

25. All Other Yogis Are Really Mean-Spirited People

Photo: iStock

Yoga Practice Man Men

26. You Never Make Any New Friends

Photo: iStock

Yoga Studio Friends Women

27. You Don't Feel Inspired To Eat Better Afterwards

Photo: iStock

Yoga Smoothie Bowl Healthy Breakfast Food

28. Or Generally Become A Better Person

Photo: Pinterest

Yoga Instructor Hippy Girl

29. In Fact, You'll Always Feel Terrible After Yoga

Pic: instagram / @sweatybetty

Sweaty betty yoga

30. It Doesn't Make You Feel Happy

Photo: iStock

Woman Happy Beach

31. Or Relaxed

Photo: iStock

man practice yoga on the beach at sunset


32. Or Better About Yourself. At All.

Photo: iStock

Happy Friends Rooftop

33. Savasana Is Just Awful

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Yoga Savasana

34. So Tell Everyone To Stop Doing Yoga. It Has No Benefits Whatsoever.

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