1) You regularly wake up at 5am

5am Alarm Clock

5am Alarm Clock

2) You can help but spot public places think, that looks like a good place to practice yoga

Photo: iStock

Terrace Hotel View Bangkok Thailand Office

3) You believe turmeric solves all problems - from skin problems to break ups to your annoying manager at work

Photo: iStock

Tumeric-Ayurveda-Health-Natural spice

You refer to certain people by their first names, even though you’ve never met them. Despite the fact your non-yogi mates have no idea who Tara or Rachel are...

Photo: @yogagirl

Rachel Brathen Yoga Girl

You wear leggings 99 per cent of the time

Photo: Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums Disco Glitter Standard Waist Printed Yoga Legging Standard Waist Printed Yoga Legging - Full Length

Other people admire views, you think, wow that would make a great #YogaPose backdrop

Photo: Nina Zietman

Hillside Beach Club Wellness Retreat Turkey Yoga

You have an emotional attachment to your yoga mat

Photo: iStock

Yoga Mat Studio

Whenever you see a friend with a new yoga mat, you can help but feel it...

Photo: Brit + Co

Yoga Mat Feeling Touch

You couldn't live without these

Photo: liferetreat.co.za

Yoga Blocks

You skip nights out because you don't want to miss yoga practice the next morning

Photo: Tumblr

Yoga Instructor Teaching Class Beach

Lion's breath means something entirely different to you

Photo: iStock

Lion Mouth Breath

As does downward facing dog

Photo: iStock

Downward Facing Dog

You get irritated when people pack up early in savasana

Photo: iStock

Yoga Savasana

When your yoga teacher leaves the area and you feel like this....

You worry about your "Om" voice

Photo: iStock

Om Yoga Meditation Sitting

You know your trikonasana from your badda konasana

Photo: iStock


You have odd-looking bruises on your upper arms (thanks to Crow)

Photo: miy0.wordpress.com

Bruises Crow Pose Yoga

You frequently lie on the floor in savasana, freaking out your flatmate who thinks you are dead

Photo: iStock


You carry your mat with you everywhere

Photo: boatpeopleboutique.com

Yoga Mat Travel Bag Luggage boatpeopleboutique.com

You sigh when people say yoga is "just stretching"

The prominent men in your life are Patanjali and B.K.S. Iyengar

BKS Iyengar Yoga

BKS Iyengar Yoga

You swear the full moon affects your mood

Photo: iStock


You can't help but recruit people to yoga...

Photo: Amy Goalen Photography

Yoga Instructor Man Advanced Pose

Because you know exactly how good it is and want others to feel it too

Photo: Pinterest

Yoga Instructor Hippy Girl

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