Photo: Facebook / trina Hibert

We love a snake here at Mpora. Whether we’re watching some slightly questionable guy trying to feed himself alive to a snake, or marvelling at the sheer madness of what the scaly blighters try to eat, we’re a little bit infatuated.

But, despite this love of all things serpent, the last thing we want to do is wake up in the dead of night in our own home to find a gigantic snake slithering around our bedroom. In fact, snakes join Bobby Davro, anybody from Dragons Den and the new guy from the IT department on our list of things we really don’t want to find unexpectedly in our house.

As such, we feel the pain of Aussie Trina Hibberd. She woke up at her Queensland beach home at 4am to find a 16 foot, 40kg snake wrapping its way around her belongings. Terrifying.

Just think about that for a second: 16 foot is about five metres - over two and a half times the length of the tallest person you know (assuming you don’t hang out in NBA locker rooms).

Quite understandably shaken after finding her whopping great lodger, Hibert said “{i} have never seen anything like it." adding “I might just give the house away.".

Photo: Facebook / trina Hibert

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