baby godzilla lizard

Here at Mpora, we see a lot of animals. From really nasty ones that can kill you, to really adorable looking ones that can also kill you. Hell, we even brought you the lizards with a penchant for necrophilia.

Photo: Jeff Wysaski /

But in all our animal-watching time, we've never even heard of some of the creatures found in this peculiar American pet shop.

Creeper python

Of Course, the American Board Of Giving American Animals Names In America hasn't gone crazy. Not again. This is actually the work of serial prankster Jeff Wysaski. The LA based writer and performer made the new signs and subtly dropped them into his local pet store.

Photo: Jeff Wysaski /

It's a harmless but hilarious act of subversion that we fully approve of here at Mpora. In fact, it kind of reminds us of the time Banksy secretly his a load of weird sculptures in the Tate Britain in London.

Photo: Jeff Wysaski /

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