Kids. They're a right pain in the arse. They never have any money so can't buy you good presents, and they're really, really stupid.

When's the last time you had a frank, yet productive conversation with a four year old about the Greek economic crisis, or the role of the International Court Of Justice in the modern world. Not for a while, we're betting.

But fear not, this is not only a condition that affects humanity. Kids in the animal kingdom are also really really daft. Take this baby Racoon, for example. It has one job; climb the tree. Yet, despite the best efforts of it's shame faced mother, it just can't get the job done.

Eventually, it just about learns to cling on to the bark, although calling it climbing is a stretch. This, of course, didn't stop the mother Racoon insisting to the other moms outside the school gates that her offspring is actually very intelligent for his age.

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