Do you know what happens when you stamp on a cricket? Well, if you're a normal person you probably A) don't stamp on animals  and B) don't spend your time pondering the consequences of doing so.

However, the dude in this video doesn't toil with such great burdens. And when he stamped on this cricket, he got quite a surprise. From out of it's freshly squished corpse shot a rather horribly looking worm that continued to wriggle and squirm on his floor.

The bizarre space worm looking thing is actually a horsehair worm, or nematomorpha as science boffins would call it. They hang around in damp places like puddles and swimming pools, but ideally make their home inside crickets whee they take over their central nervous system and use them as a kind of incubator.

In short, they don't like crickets, they love 'em.

After they've exploited their host as much as possible, the horsehair worm then slowly bore their way out of the crickets exoskeleton, which doesn't sound like a bag full of fun. In fact, being stamped on sounds rather nice in comparison.

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