Screen Shot: YouTube (Melbourne Aerial Video).

Eagle Drone

Before drones came along, birds were absolutely loving life. They were flapping here, flapping there; flapping anywhere they wanted to, thank you very much. And then, as everyone knows, drones came along and spoiled all their fun. They made loud noises and took up precious airspace with their tiny helicopter blades, and their high-tech shit.

But the birds, we're happy to report, have been taking revenge on the drones. The video in this post features an Australian wedge-tailed eagle dishing out some aerial justice to a disruptive flying machine. The drone takes a hit, offers little resistance, and falls to the ground quicker than you can say "Sir Isaac Newton's theory of gravity."

There's now so many of these videos, that last year we managed to compile a collection of the best clips of angry birds attacking drones in mid-air. If the winged-creatures continue taking down drones at such an alarming rate, we're going to have to compile a whole new collection.

We're not sure what the solution to this is. Maybe drone-users need to start sticking feathers to their drones? Or maybe drones need to start chirping in a way that says "Hey friend. Don't attack me. I'm a drone...I mean...I'm a bird. Let's hang out. Feed worms to smaller birds, that sort of thing." Drone makers, make it so.

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