Screenshot: Tu Bui Anh (via YouTube).

It's a fight we never want to see happen but if a human toddler boy ever ended up in a boxing ring with a fully-grown adult lion, we're fairly confident that we know what would happen. Even if the human toddler boy had picked up some punching skills at nursery, we doubt he would last more than two seconds. It'd be like watching (insert name of rubbish boxer) fighting against (insert name of amazing boxer). *Mpora knows little to nothing about the sport of boxing*

Luckily for this toddler, he was spared an humiliating one-punch knockout in a fight with a lion by a well-positioned piece of protective glass. Rule number one, kiddo: don't turn your back on a lion. He'll come at you with thunder in his eyes, thunder in his paws, and thunder in his heart. THUNDER. The incident occurred at a Japanese zoo, and shows that even animals raised in captivity never completely lose their wild instincts.

Screenshot: Tu Bui Anh (via YouTube).

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