Screenshot: YouTube (via Gabe and Garrett).

Shark Diving

You know that old saying about how great white sharks make terrible room-mates? The one that says how useless they are at taking out the bins, cleaning the bathroom, and leaving plates to "soak" in the sink for over three months. It's not a well known saying, admittedly. In fact, if we're being honest, we literally just made it up. But yeah. In a nutshell. Sharing a confined space with a great white shark = recipe for disaster.

Just ask the diver in this video, who went shark diving in a cage off the coast of Guadalupe Island, about what it's like to be in uncomfortably close proximity to a great white shark. He'd probably, and this is just a wild stab in the dark, look you square in the eye and whisper "You weren't there, man. You weren't there" while quivering gently like a leaf caught in an autumnal breeze. Terrifying shit like this tends to leave a bad impression on the person it's happened to. Or so we thought, before reading that the uninjured diver Chan Ming actually felt "reborn" after the incident.

Screenshot: YouTube (via Gabe and Garrett).

Shark Diving

The YouTube description for the video, that's now had over 14 million views, reveals how the shark busted the metal rail of the cage after lunging for some bait. Because sharks can't swim backwards, the shark ended up swimming into the exposed cage before leaping out over the top of it and back out again. Incredibly, Chan Ming (an experienced diver) was unharmed in the incident; escaping via an emergency hatch and watching the madness from outside the cage before swimming safely back to the surface.

In November 2007, a similar incident occurred off Isla Guadalupe when a shark wedged itself through the bars of a cage. Diver Patrick Walsh, like Chan Ming, used an escape hatch to get out of the cage and wait for the situation to calm down.

"It just snapped this cage to pieces, it was like it was made out of balsa wood," Walsh told Animal Planet.

You'd think frightening incidents such as these, as rare as they are, would put off Walsh and Ming from shark diving again. However, both divers revealed after their respective incidents that nothing could put them off their love of sharks.

"The next day," Chan told The New York Times, when asked about how long it would be before he went back to the water. Personally, after seeing this footage, it might be a while before we go swimming/go shopping/go to the cinema/do literally anything with a shark.

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