If you're hanging out in North London today, you better watch out.

Posters have been spotted around Camden and Kings Cross in North London today, reported the escape of one of the world's deadliest snakes - the Black Mamba.

The snake (known as Rosie) is apparently looking for warmth, so local residents have been asked to check under beds and in all warm areas of their houses.


The claims are currently under investigation from the  RSPCA.

The scientific officer for exotic animals Alexandra Jones stated: "Black mamba venom is deadly, as they are related to cobras."

"For this reason, mambas are considered a 'dangerous wild animal' and so require a licence to be kept. Part of the licensing process is ensuring the animal cannot escape."

It's unclear whether these posters are a hoax or not currently, with no response from the number given.

If there really is a scary killer roaming around NW1 today however, with deadly venom and the speed of a race horse, we're probably going to be spending tonight south of the river...