Warning: If you’re scared of marine life, happen to be Mick Fanning or just watched Jaws and are trying to convince yourself it could never happen in real life, look away now.

One of the largest Great White Sharks in the world has just been captured on film, coming in at more than 20ft long. It’s some seriously crazy stuff.

6 Terrifying Shark Attack Near Misses

Researchers have named the fish ‘Deep Blue’, which let’s face it, is a dangerously cool name. Nobody’s going to get eaten by a giant shark called ‘Colin’ are they, but Deep Blue? He sounds like he could stir some shit up. So thanks for that researchers.

Have a watch below to see the astounding animal, and beware, if you go anywhere near water in the next six months – use your bath tub, sink or even drink a bottle of Evian water – you’re probably going to get eaten by a shark.

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