We all remember losing a favorite toy when we were little. Whether it was your Star Wars action figure that disappeared in the park, or a balloon that floated away into the horizon, in that moment there's nothing more devastating.

When a little boy lost his favourite elephant toy this week, his lovely parents told him that his best friend was not lost, but had in fact decided to go travel the world.

This Guy Quit His Job To Live On Beaches And Kayak Around The World With A Stray Dog

They then posted a picture of the elephant on Reddit and asked the internet to do some Photoshop magic. They reacted in the best way.

From hanging in Africa, to travelling around Europe and hitting up the big smoke, this little elephant has had some pretty big adventures!

If you want to join in and add you own elephant adventure to the mix, you can find the original Reddit post here.  Check out some of elephant's travels below!

Visiting the relatives in Africa


In Antarctica


Exploring Norway


Hanging in Japan


Seeing The Sights Of New York


...In fact, this elephant has had more adventures then us!


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