The most successful nature documentary is March Of The Penguins. Everybody in the world has seen it. It's the one where the normally reliable Morgan Freeman re-dubs a French documentary about Sphenisciformes, making it appear that they are animals that wholly represent the family values of the American Religious Right.


Anyway, it's a film chock full, as you'd probably expect, with the famous little black and white birds, waddling around, being a bit silly in their pursuit for fish, or a nest or... well, we've not actually seen it so we're not sure.

But, what we do know is that there wasn't a blonde penguin thrown in the mix. "Ah yes, Mpora" we hear you cry, "That's because there are no blonde penguins, you fudge-brained buffoons".

But there is! While working in Lindbald, in Antarctica, scientists working for National Geographic discovered and, uniquely, filmed the 'Mutant' chinstrap penguin.

Importantly, this is not simply an albino penguin, as it's blonde colouring can clearly be seen. The colouring is a result of something called isabellinism, which is an incredibly rare genetic mutation that alters the pigment of the bird's feathers.

Rumours suggesting that the rare penguin is being flown to the Antarctic back to it's spiritual home in Essex where it will get a spray tan and a vajazzle are completely made up by us.

Photo: National Geographic / YouTube
Photo: National Geographic / YouTube
Photo: National Geographic / YouTube
Photo: National Geographic / YouTube

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