Photo: Martin Le-May.

Remember that photograph of a weasel flying on the back of a woodpecker? That was great, wasn't it? In fact, we'd probably go so far as to say it was the greatest thing that's ever happened in the history of the world. It was a weasel...flying through the air...on the back of a woodpecker. Just typing that out felt so good.

Not to be outdone, this raccoon has just been photographed in central Florida using an a boat. That's right. A central Florida...has been photographed using an a boat.

"A central Florida...has been photographed using an a boat."

Richard Jones was walking in the Ocala National Forest, with his family, when he spotted the alligator. Jones-y, which is presumably what his friends call him, believes his son startled the raccoon while trying to take a picture of it. This resulted in the raccoon leaping onto a passing ferry, which in this case was actually a passing alligator.

Photo: Richard Jones.

Needless to say, the internet has got hold of this absolute gem and sent it viral. Because, that's the world we live in. A world where we photograph animals hitching rides on other animals, and then spread it across the internet like margarine on bread.

But, which photo is better? Who wins? The raccoon, or the weasel?

Answer: humanity. Humanity wins.

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