In the weirdest and creepiest story this week, the Russian Military has bought five healthy dolphins with "perfect teeth" for $26,000.

Three males and two females were bought by  Russia’s Ministry of Defence  from an aquarium in Moscow, with instructions that all five had “perfect teeth, average length and a willingness to ‘display motor activity.’"

This Abandoned Soviet Hanger Near Berlin Is Hiding A Totally Insane Secret…..

Since this purchase was been discovered by the public, Russia's military has failed to respond to any questions, or confirm the purchase whatsoever - weird.


During the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union developed military dolphin programs for patrolling waters and even harpooning the enemy.

We're not happy about animals being held in captivity for any reason, but this story is not only worrying, but also just totally bizarre.

So whether it's for super classified military plans, or just an unusual Colgate advert - we just hope that the pearly white dolphins are looked after while they carry out their secret mission.