Photo: White Shark Video / YouTube

Now, we don't mean to worry anybody that suffers with Galeophobia - the fear of sharks -  but it appears that Great Whites have developed the ability to actually jump out of the water.

Killer Whales Attack And Kill Great White Shark In Australia

Recent footage has shown the amazing creatures breaching the surface of the water, much like a surface-to-air missile, but with 300 or so razor sharp teeth at the angry end.

The guys over at White Shark Video did a bit of digging, and it turns out that, while shocking to most of us, this is actually fairly normal behaviour for sharks. They tend to hunt prey from beneath, rising up to attack their target from below.


So, when the shark sets its sights on food that's close to the surface of the water, it will shoot up to try to snare it, which results in the specular, if terrifying display of nature like the one above.

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