Not so long ago, we brought you the terrifying footage of sharks leaping clean out of the water. The result, quite understandably, was the internet losing its collective shit.

Now, new film, captured by Dr. Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries working along side the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shows the kings of the sea at it again.



This time, the Great White is breaching the surface of the ocean in a bid to kill a seal that's desperate to avoid being on the sharks menu. The footage, shot a few days ago in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, backs up the theory that the sharks have developed the skill as a by-product of their natural hunting habits.

The majestic, yet toothy bastards hunt their prey from beneath, suddenly shooting upwards to snare their target. If the target happens to be near the surface of the water, the sharks are not perturbed. Instead they just leap from the surface, resulting in this magnificent if terrifying display of power.

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