We're all for education when visiting the zoo. Along with conservation, public education is one of the best reasons for zoos to exist.

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That doesn't mean however, that you can't have a bit of a laugh with them every now and again.

In Los Angeles zoo, the usually informative and educational posters have been switched to some more entertaining (but probably not 100 per cent accurate) facts.


The mastermind behind the signs is Calafornia comicĀ Jeff Wysaski, who planted the new signs all over the animal encounters.

From flamingos, to koalas, penguins and the big old grizzlys, no animals escaped from the zoo's new signage.

"All penguins appear to be wearing tuxedos because they're slowly evolving into 1920's busness tycoons"

This is not Wysaski's first prank, check out his past practical jokes here.

Check out the signs below!


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