Pictured: Dr Steve Cutbirth after being bitten on the mouth by a bull shark.

Dr Steve Cutbirth Shark Attack Mouth

Having a bad day at the office? Life getting you down? Maybe your wife's left you? Maybe she's taken the kids with her? Maybe you can't keep up the mortgage repayments on your house and/or that Ferrari you purhased in the spur of the moment last summer? Whatever it is, whatever's going on with you right about now, just be thankful that you haven't just been bitten on the mouth by a hungry bull shark.

Dr Steve Cutbirth, a hard-as-nails dentist from Texas, could tell you a thing or two about being a bitten on the mouth by a hungry bull shark. Why? Because it's literally something that's happened to him. The fact that Dr Cutbirth is a dentist, a man whose whole area of expertise is the human mouth, somehow makes this story even more on point. We'll let Dr Cutbirth, who was on holiday in the Bahamas at the time, talk you through precisely what happened (see video below).

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