Screenshot: Bear Encounter (YouTube/ttumolo).

Imagine you're hiking in the wilderness, taking in some seriously epic views and soaking up that oh-so-sweet sense of adventure. Now imagine you're doing this, and you suddenly see a bear pop up on the horizon. What do you do? Do you shit yourself? If you're anything like us, you'd probably shit yourself.

Not this guy in the following video. Nope. No way. He doesn't soil himself. He doesn't cry out for his "mummy", curl up in the foetal position, or try to run away. He stands up to the bear, makes some hilariously loud grunting noises, and literally tells it to "FUCK OFF!"

We realise that coming across a bear and/or getting mauled to death by a bear isn't a laughing matter, but if you can make it through this without're much more mature than we are.

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