Screen Shot: Talons and Teeth (YouTube).

Mpora readers, meet Mischief. Mischief, meet Mpora readers. Mischief, for those people who aren't up to speed with the world of talking animals, is the name of this badass white-necked raven that can mimic human speech. Ok, so Mischief isn't exactly reeling off the entire works of William Shakespeare at the moment but we think it's delivery of "hello", "hi", and a human sounding cough are pretty special nonetheless (see video below).

As this video clearly demonstrates, Mischief has some problems distinguishing between the formal "hello" and the less formal "hi" sometimes. We're going to let that slide though because, as you've probably already noticed, Mischief is a bird and therefore English is presumably not his first language.

Screen Shot: Talons and Teeth (YouTube).

Mischief Talking Raven

In exchange for tasty biscuits, the Mpora team can confirm that they'd be more than happy to mimic any words and phrases you send our way. We like biscuits. We like biscuits a lot. In other news, here's some other vids of Mischief the Incredible Talking Raven in action. Now seriously, about those biscuits...

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