Leopard Pot Head

Leopard Pot Head

We've all been there. That moment when you're in the pub, trying to slurp down the last dregs of ale, and you somehow get your head stuck in your pint glass. It's classic "bantz." The lads whip out their iPhones, and start filming while you collapse to the ground struggling to breathe. Eventually, the fire brigade show up and set you free from your glass cage of emotion. You're red-face, but at least you're alive.

Anyone who's gone through such an indignity, will surely spare an ounce of sympathy for this leopard in Rajasthan (India). It was a hot day, no doubt, and the leopard had built up a real thirst. Desperate for some more thirst quenching liquid, it put its head deep inside a drinking pot and quickly got itself completely stuck.

We're glad to report that the leopard made it through this incident without injury. After a completely justified giggle from those watching, the leopard was tranquillised and the pot removed. If you're out in the bars tonight, be sure to remember this leopard. Sticking your head somewhere it doesn't belong is never a good idea.

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