The internet is full of majestic looking dogs, conquering waves and running over mountains.

We have dogs wearing snow gearsnowboarding bulldogs, the mountain climbing husky, and hundreds of other little dogs with big wanderlust.

However, it seems that the cats of the web are ready to stop being grumpy and wanting cheezburgez and get in on the adventures too.

Meet Millie the rock climbing adventure cat...


Millie was adopted two years ago from a Utah shelter by climber Craig Armstrong.

Not wanting to leave her alone in the house he started taking her along on his hikes and climbs.

Driving around together in Armstrong's truck, she began to get used to the big open spaces and following him up the walls on his climbs.


Now the two climbing enthusiasts spend all their free time explore Utah's rocks together.

"Millie clearly has zero fear of heights" says Armstrong in an interview.

"She's jumped gaps from one boulder to another. Her balance is amazing, and she never seizes up in fear.'



Millie has now conquered some of Utah's biggest climbing landmarks, including Moe's Valley, Ferguson Canyon, and 1000' Feet of Fun in the San Rafael Swell

While dogs may be winning at boardsports, it seems that rock climbing is a cat's game...