Road Cycling

Water Slides, Plane Wings and Danny MacAskill: This is Road Cycling Like Never Before...

We recently rewatched this legendary road bike feature... and we just had to share

Road Cycling

I'll Be Back... With A Helmet! Arnie Pulled Over By Australian Police For Unsafe Cycling

"Did somebody say... Freeze?"

Road Cycling

Why Is Somebody Trying To Decapitate Cyclists In Ipswich?

Police are investigating the booby trapping of cycle routes in the East of England

Loren Rowney was sprinting for the finish when he was tugged down by a fan    Photo: YouTube/Screenshot
Road Cycling

This Fan Grabbed The Handlebars Of A Sprinting Road Cyclist... And The Resulting Crash Was Brutal

Here's what not to do when you go to watch a cycling race...

49 year-old local Miguel Arroya Ramos and 26 year-old American Liz Boivin were shot in the incident Photo: Shutterstock
Road Cycling

Two Cyclists Hospitalised After Brutal Gangland Shooting Interrupts Triathlon

Gun-fueled shootout catches triathletes in crossfire, one convicted drug dealer left dead

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 16.07.08
Road Cycling

See How The Cycling Elite Train As The Madison Team Hits The Hills And Heat Of Majorca

Blood, sweat, and gears: The Madison team tune up for the coming season

cyclists die
Road Cycling

Cyclists 'Deserve To Die' – This Jackass Didn’t Realise He Was Being Filmed, But Now His Crazy Claims Are Going Viral

And the woman filming's reaction is brilliant

Road Cycling

Is Cycling as Safe as Walking? Do Helmets Actually Help? 21 Incredible Facts that All Cyclists Should Know…

We asked a bike science expert some difficult questions

Photo: Screenshot
Road Cycling

These Cyclists Have Invented a Bike Lock That Could Save Your Life

Is this the most sophisticated bike lock ever built?

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 08.49.46
Road Cycling

Kanye Has Nothing On This Hilarious Road Cycling Rapper...

Here's the road cycling rap about hipsters you've been waiting all week to hear

Photo: Gensler
Road Cycling

Are These Underground Cycling Tunnels The Future For British Commuters?

Abandoned tunnels could soon play host to millions of working bikers in the UK...

wooden bike
Road Cycling

This Guy Built An Amazing Wooden Bike... And It Only Took 1000 Hours

Thought your custom-build was unique? Wait till you set your eyes on the crazy 'SplinterBike'

Road Cycling

This Crazy Scotsman Is Going To Ride An 81 Mile Road Race... On A Penny Farthing

He's admitted 'it's quite hard to go uphill' ahead of the 1,196m Scottish Highland ascent...

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 16.10.17
Road Cycling

How This Cyclist Walks Away From This Brutal Car Slam Is A Genuine Miracle

We literally have no idea how this cyclist managed to avoid getting mauled by this car

Road Cycling

'I’d Probably Do It Again’ – Lance Armstrong Consolidates Place As Road Cycling’s Pantomime Villain

Armstrong defends doping, citing charity money raised and increased profile of sport in era

tour crash
Road Cycling

This Colossal Road Cycling Crash Must Be One Of The Craziest Ever

What happens when a cyclist crashes at the front of the peloton? It definitely doesn't end well

Penang (Ernest Zacharevic)
Road Cycling

16 Awesome Works Of Street Art That Every True Cyclist Should See

Love city bike riding? Then you'll absolutely love these awesome pieces of art...

Road Cycling

This Is The Most Brutal 'What Happened Next' Competition We've Ever Seen...

You just know this will end badly. The question is, how?

Road Cycling

23 Reasons Why Yorkshire Is Officially The Best Place For Cycling

Well, you guys were the ones that voted...

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.05.51
Road Cycling

Road Cycling or Mountain Biking? These Guys Have It Out… In An Epic Rap Battle

It's easy to see why this brilliant bike battle has gone viral

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