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Cynthia Krueger


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Female Athletes Are Judged More On Their Looks Than Their Talent… And Here’s The Proof

Are female athletes really objectified in the world of action sports?

7 Hacks To Escape The Crowds And Surf Alone

You don't have to ditch your friends to find empty waves

10 Signs You're Addicted To Surfing

If you can tick off at least five or more of these, then you've got problem on your hands...

Second-Class Waves And Sleazy Ads: Why Women Are Still Fighting For Equality In Action Sports

Even in the 21st century, women are still chronically underexposed in the worlds of skating and surfing. We investigate why...

How Skateboarding Can Make You a Better Surfer

Just because there are no waves doesn't mean you can't surf

How To Be An Environmentally-Friendly Surfer

Love the ocean? Then you might want to give this a read...

Things I'm Glad I Didn't Know When I Started Surfing

Near-drowning experiences, streaming noses and what's REALLY inside all that saltwater you've been swallowing...

9 Useful Surf Accessories You Might Not Know About

You'll wonder how you ever lived without them...

Why Aren't There More Openly Gay Surfers?

A new surf film has shone light on a lesser-known side to the surf community. Cynthia Krueger investigates why prejudice is still engrained in surfing today