It's time for Mike to put his money where his mouth is, put his feet in his trainers, and put those trainers on the pavement in 40 Days To Fit Episode 2.

[related_articles]If our hero is going to be ready to run a half marathon in just 38 days – that's less than six weeks, maths fans – then he's going to have to 'get his train on', and sharpish.

Unfortunately – as you'll see in the video above – Mike's first two runs are not exactly what you'd call textbook.

Still. You live and you learn, onwards and upwards, tomorrow is another day and all that.

Right, Mike?

40 Days To Fit Episode 2

That's the spirit!

As ever, please don't forget to #PrayForMike.

If you've still not watched episode one of 40 Days To Fit, click here to rectify that heinous oversight.