traverse wall
  • Traverse walls are one of the hardest things to conquer when training for a mud obstacle race
  • Crossing a traverse wall successfully uses upper body, lower body and core strength mixed in with a good dose of coordination
  • A traverse wall usually has water underneath it to act as a safety net should you fall off
  • Always plan ahead and think where your hand and feet are going to go next
  • Dirty Miles says you should always maintain three points of contact – whether it is two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand

To find out how to cross a traverse wall listen to a wise man from Mudstacle with lots of facial fuzz and then you’ll be getting across in next to no time.

How to Traverse Walls by Mudstacle

Or, if you want a dead enthusiastic American lass from Camp Rhino handing over the tricks of the trade, avert thy gaze below. Apparently it’s all about maintaining three points of contact. So now you know.

Mud Run Obstacle Training Techniques by Camp Rhino

Finally let’s watch Coach Casey dole out some handy training tips to enable you to conquer the wall. Scaring kids in the local playground is optional.

Spartan Training: Traverse Wall by Coach Casey