It looks like Gourmet Burger Kitchen have made some enemies this January with their new  ad campagin...

The burger chain has got some serious stick for their anti-vegetarian posters from the non- carnivores of the world.

Are they a joke? Definitely. Are they offensive? Well....


One of the adverts which sparked controvery featured a picture of a cow alongside the caption: "They eat grass so you don’t have to."

The claim that all vegetarians will eventually succumb to the power of a GBK beef burger has sparked an undestandable amount of rage, with some online protesters  boycotting the restaurant and others even creating their own posters in retaliation.

The company, which offers three vegetarian burgers on it's menu, was quick to reply to the backlash against the campaign.


A spokeswoman from GBK spoke to the Evening Standard earlier said that the "new adverts have purely light-hearted intentions and were not meant to cause any offence."

"We've been serving beef as a core part of our menu for the last 15 years and whist we’re carnivores at heart, we have an extensive range of vegetarian options available."

"We value our vegetarian customers and their views, and have therefore made the decision to change some of our ads"

Insensitive or a bit of laugh? We'll leave that up to you...