Mountain Biking

What Mountain Bikers Say vs. What Mountain Bikers Really Mean

"I actually just prefer riding hardtails..."

What Mountain Bikers Say: “I can’t remember exactly how much my mountain bike cost”

What Mountain Bikers Mean: “I don’t want to admit how much my mountain bike cost”

Photo: Uros Svigelj

What MTBers Say: “Yeah I normally get out to the trails about seven or eight times a week”

What MTBers Mean: “I get out once a week at most because my partner won’t let me and I own a couch which I often sit on”

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

What MTBers Say: “Me and the boys are saving hard to head out to BC next season”

What MTBers Mean: “I watched an edit from Whistler this morning but will never have enough money to get out of Hull”

What MTBers Say: “I’m always out night riding in winter. No light doesn’t mean no ride”

What MTBers Mean: “I went night riding once by myself and almost shat myself every time I saw a moving shadow. Never again”

What MTBers Say: “No dig, no ride”

What MTBers Mean: “I bought a shovel last year but have never actually used it”

What MTBers Say: “I don’t go to the gym. I hate the gym. I’m all about living outdoors”

What MTBers Mean: “The people at the gym are big and mean and scary”

What MTBers Say: “Yeah my bike maintenance is pretty on point actually”

What MTBers Mean: “I can put my chain back on if it falls off and occasionally carry a spare inner tube in my bag”

What MTBers Say: “Steve Peat winning in Fort William was the greatest day of my life”

What MTBers Mean: “I once went to Fort William, got too drunk to remember what happened and woke up with what I hope was haggis on my face”

Photo: Callum Jelley

What MTBers Say: “I think I’ll give the jump trail a miss today. I’m actually not feeling 100 percent”

What MTBers Mean: “Fuck. That.”

What MTBers Say: “Another round of craft beer or is it artisan coffee this time around chaps?”

What MTBers Mean: “Can we please, please go back to just drinking cans of lager?”

What MTBers Say: “Yeah Todd at my local bike shop actually hooked me up with all my gear”

What MTBers Mean: “I haven’t bought a piece of bike gear in a physical shop since 2006”

Photo: Graeme Murray/Red Bull Content Pool

What MTBers Say: “I’m really into my mountain bike photography”

What MTBers Mean: “Danny Hart once accidentally liked once of my Instagram photos”

What MTBers Say: “I actually just prefer riding hardtails

What MTBers Mean: “I couldn’t afford a new full-suspension bike”

Photo: Tom Amaral

What MTBers Say: “Yeah I got that scar from a gnarly bail. Totally not my fault though – poor conditions”

What MTBers Mean: “I fell down the stairs when I realised it was sunny outside”

Photo: Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

What MTBers Say: “I used to compete but I prefer just going out and riding for me”

What MTBers Mean: “I entered a race last year and finished only above the people who DQ’d”

What MTBers Say: “Is Steve the one with the black Evil Wreckoning?”

What MTBers Mean: “I have no idea what any of my friends are called”

Photo: Clint Trahan

What MTBers Say: “Brandon Semenuk and them and all those freestyle spinners… It’s just not mountain biking”

What MTBers Mean: “I really wish I could go upside down. Even just once”

Photo: Tristan Kennedy

What MTBers Say: “Yeah I get out to the Alps quite a lot with my bike. Got to push your boundaries”

What MTBers Mean: “I went to France once as a kid. I saw a bike there”

What MTBers Say: “29 inch wheels for life!”

What MTBers Mean: “I’m hugely overcompensating”

What MTBers Say: “It’s not that I’m not hungry, I’m just on a diet”

What MTBers Mean: “I have deeply bankrupt myself buying new components”

What MTBers Say: “Yeah road cyclists look ridiculous in all that lycra”

What MTBers Mean: “Please nobody discover what I was wearing in 1993”

What MTBers Say: “I’ve been following Josh Bryceland since he was just a little rat”

What MTBers Mean: “Look! I found a stack of my dad’s old Dirt Magazines!”


What MTBers Say: “I’ve never learned how to drive. I’m a mountain biker. I ride bikes”

What MTBers Mean: “I tried to learn how to drive once and rolled slowly into a tree”

Photo: Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull Content Pool

What MTBers Say: “Bike parks are too man-made, bro. It’s all about the rocks, roots and natural stuff”

What MTBers Mean: “I don’t live remotely near a bike park and I’ve ridden the same trail over and over again for the past four months”

Photo: Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Pool

What MTBers Say: “Mountain Biking has lost its soul, man. It’s not what it used to be”

What MTBers Mean: “I’m 38 years old and now everyone is going too fast”


What MTBers Say: “Nah, that’s never gonna catch on”

What MTBers Mean: “Please don’t make me spend more money”

Photo: Graeme Murray/Red Bull Content Pool

What MTBers Say: “Send it bro!”

What MTBers Mean: “You go first, that looks fucking terrifying and I need to copy your line”

What MTBers Say: “Mountain biking has given me all my best friends”

What MTBers Mean: “I sleep in bed alone with my bike lying next to me”

What MTBers Say: “I actually met my other half on the trails”

What MTBers Mean: “Sometimes I cuddle my bike at night and I swear it cuddles me back”

What MTBers Say: “Enduro is the best discipline. It’s where the heart of the sport is”

What MTBers Mean: “I’m so old. Am I fuck going down that downhill track”

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