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10 Action Camera Videos That Are So Bad…They’re Freakin’ Incredible

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Screen Shot: YouTube.

Due to the increasing popularity of action cameras, it often seems like everyone in the world has got one. The great thing about them, when they’re used correctly, is that they can provide a point-of-view perspective on some of the gnarliest moments in action sports and adventure. They can even, if they’re used impressively, break the internet.

The flip side of having so many action cameras in the world is that some people have them and don’t know exactly what to do with them. They’ll take them out of the box, scratch their head in a state of deep contemplation, and say something like “I wonder what the inside of my fridge looks like when I’m not around,” or “What does a cucumber look like from the knife’s perspective?”

“I wonder what the inside of my fridge looks like when I’m not around”

So, here’s to those people then. The people who aren’t Candide Thovex, and don’t pretend to be. The people who see a highly versatile camera and ask not what they can do for the camera, but what the camera can do for them.

Some would say these people are boring, but we prefer to think of them as visionaries; men and women asking the questions that nobody has thought to ask (i.e. “What the hell happens inside a dishwasher?!”).

Screen Shot: YouTube.


1) The Inside Of A Dishwasher

This should be terrible, this should be the dullest thing you’ve ever seen, but somehow it rises above all that and momentarily enters the realms of wide-eyed fascination. Nobody should care about what happens in dishwashers, but the lack of windows on the front of them has always made us vaguely curious.

What’s going on in there? What are they hiding from us?

Watch this video, and wonder no more.


2) The Overly Dramatic Tea Making

We can’t get over quite how intensely dramatic this tea making action camera video is. The way the spoon juices the teabag, the way the milk cascades down in slow-motion; it’s all just utterly compelling. This is what would happen if Christopher Nolan came to your house and made everyone a brew.


3) The Trombone…With David Finlayson

Look at his face! Look at the trombonist’s face! You’ve never seen a trombonist’s face quite like this before and, once you’re done watching, you’ll soon be wishing that you could always be near a trombonist’s highly amusing face.

The trombonist in this video goes by the name David Finlayson. Finlayson, the clever old sausage, is a part of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.


4) The Inside Of A Washing Machine

Rumours that this video filmed by an action camera in a washing machine can be used to hypnotise people and manipulate their freewill, are yet to be proven. Putting all that to one side for a moment, there’s no denying that this is a mesmerising watch.

The sheer loneliness of being in a washing machine without clothes, the way in which the people peering through the glass blur into a grey vortex; it’s all just excellent.


5) The Boring Car Journey

Ok, this one is undeniably a pretty mind-numbing watch. However, is there not a line of argument to follow here; one that says when you reach optimum levels of boredom you can end up going full circle and accidentally wind up in the land of fun. No. That’s a stupid argument. This is just a boring video of a man’s undramatic car journey.


6) The Cutting Of The Cucumber

If you believe that cucumbers are sentient beings with thoughts and feelings, this video will make for difficult viewing. Shot from the perspective of the knife, it shows exactly what happens when a sharp blade meets a harmless vegetable. Brutal!


7) The Inside Of The Fridge

It’s a question as old as fridges. Just what does happen when you close a fridge door? Does the milk “get off” with the ham slices? Do the eggs flirt outrageously with the hot Tabasco? Does the cheddar block whip out the DJ decks and get everyone dancing?

Tragically, for anyone with an imagination, the only thing that happens when the fridge door closes is darkness. A black wall of nothing for the food produce to sit within…until the door opens again and their world is flooded with light once more.


8) The Tossing Of The Pancake

It’s great to see such an unrestricted view of the pancake-toss. That being said, why does this dude insist on tossing the pancake multiple times? It makes the video a bit more interesting, but it’s a terrible technique if you want to produce an edible pancake. How it doesn’t end up on the floor and ruin everyone’s Shrove Tuesday, we’ll never know.


9) The Swinging Of The Golf Club

Whoosh! Is there anything more thrilling than the swing of a golf club? Don’t answer that. It was a rhetorical question. In fairness to this clip, the slow-motion aspect of the video is pretty awesome. We particularly like the way you can see the metal bend as the club makes its way towards the ball in the downward section of the swing.

And, to think, before watching this action camera video you thought golf was just a bunch of middle-aged divorcees strolling around some nicely-mowed fields.


10) The Remote Control Car In Walmart

Supermarkets are the worst. You go there, in your free time, to buy fuel for your engine (a.k.a your stomach). There’s usually loads of people there bumping into you with their shopping trolleys, and making your life a misery, as you try and grab the last packet of Custard Creams. They’re a necessity borne out of your need to eat, but they’re not fun.

This action camera video, however, might just change your outlook on supermarkets. By sticking an action camera to the top of a remote control car, and driving it around, these lads have given us a worm’s eye view of their local Walmart. Seeing familiar aisles from such a unique angle is certainly more enjoyable than actually going to a supermarket.

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