1) Bikinis are totally impracticable items of surfwear...

Particularly the Brazilian thong versions. No one actually like riding with a permanent wedgie. Swimsuits are preferable, à la Lady Slider...

Photo: matchgraph.com

2) Yoga actually works

No really, it does. Yoga helps work on your flexibility, balance and muscular strength. Plus all that plank practice means you've got an explosive pop-up.


3) Short arms are our greatest downfall

For some reason, evolution skipped us out when it came to giving women lengthy arms. This means we have to struggle across the beach or use silly contraptions (see below).


4) There will be black smudges under your eyes, even if you haven't put mascara on

Why? Just, why?

Laughing Young Woman with Running Mascara

Laughing Young Woman with Running Mascara

5) We have to prove ourselves in the line up

It's not unusual to be the only woman out back, so your first drop-in is crucial for gaining respect.

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surfers out back

 6) Roxy's early advertising campaigns were the best... ever

They made you want to be a surfer, admit it...

roxy girl posters

roxy girl posters

7) Plastic bags are the devil

That Break the Bag Habit campaign from Surfers Against Sewage really hit home. You've now banished plastic bags from your life and scowl every time a shop assistant offers you one...



8) Leggings - in all forms - are essential to life

There's nothing worse than pulling on a pair of jeans after surfing. Leggings are a godsend. Plus there are now ones you can actually surf in... Cheers Salt Gypsy!

salt gypsy leggings

salt gypsy leggings

9) Surfing helps you sleep

Feeling tired after surfing isn't like normal tiredness. It's the good kind - you know that warm, muscle achey feeling when you get into bed means no tossing and turning tonight.


10) We totally rip!

Have you seen Keala Kennelly charge Teahupo'o? Easkey Britton take on Ireland's gnarly Mullaghmore? Or even this insane six-year-old kid? Women make up some of the world's best surfers. Fact.


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