They say that athletes are getting younger and younger, but we didn't realise they were starting at 11 months old. When we were little, we were drawing all over the walls and eating cardboard. These guys have been catching waves and hitting rails for years.

Having an extreme sports-loving toddler is most parents' worst nightmare, but it definitely makes sense to start early. The younger you are, the more risks you take: you don't know how much it's going to hurt.

Some of these videos are a couple of years old now, so no doubt these guys are currently ripping up World Championships across the world. And if they're not, they will be very soon. Here to make you rethink your whole childhood are 10 of the most talented under-10s.

This is 6-year-old board sports prodigy Sky. She doesn't have to worry about knocking out a few teeth, because they're only milk teeth after all. Her passions are skating, surfing and noodles.

Eliot and Marti are having the time of their lives on their incredibly mini mountain bikes; the only thing more fun than hitting the trails is chewing on a rock (1:36). They're super speedy and committed, and only occasionally distracted by dandelions.

minna stess yahoo

Minna Stess has been skateboarding for as long as she can remember. 'If I'm really scared of trying something, I just think to myself: if you want to do it really badly, you can do it,' she says. Hmm

Here is 11-month-old Kaimana, probably too young to walk but busy catching some waves with his dad off Hawaii. He has to be the most chilled out first-time surfer ever: definitely a future pro.

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In May 2012 Aaryan Balaji broke records trekking to Everest Base Camp; now, aged 7, he has become the youngest person ever to summit Kilimanjaro. He's the son of a famous adventurer, K. S. Balaji, who's taken part in successful expeditions to Everest and the North and South Poles. Also in Aaryan's sights is the summit of Everest, pencilled in for 2017.

Having recently learnt to support his own head, nothing now stands in the way of this toddler. His determination to master skateboarding, without instruction, is heart-melting. Next stop the X Games.

Jake and Theo Riddle are 5-year-old twins from New Zealand, and they're absolutely incredible. This video of them flying around Gorge Road Jump Park will make you rethink your whole childhood.

Fourth-grader Zia Terry gives herself the best pep talk before launching herself down the K40 jump at Utah's Olympic Park. Older ski jumpers, and humans in general, have a lot to learn from her 'Here goes something, I guess' attitude.

While most other 22-month-olds are content sticking their fingers in plug sockets, Ashton is busy hitting the rails, and has already completed his first season. We predict a handful of gold medals and his own clothing line.

This is a video of 4-year-old Arienne carving her way down the slopes. She started skiing in Valle-Bleue, Quebec at 16 months old and we're incredibly jealous of her technique. She's now developed into a racer extraordinaire.

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