The season of the university ski trip is upon us. Alpine resorts across the Alps are soon to be invaded with hoards of young folk, intoxicated up to the eyeballs on vodka and Mutzig, riding down the slopes like lunatics in neon onesies and generally having a blast.

If you're reading this, you've probably already signed up to your uni trip. Congratulations, you've made a very, very good decision, my friend. This will be one of the best trips of your life.

Before you leave, here are a few essentials you need to remember...

1. Fancy Dress

Photo: YFC Ski

Half of your case should be filled with fancy dress. Every night is another theme and the competition for a banging costume is high. Yes, it's -12°C outside, but you will be expected to wear an extremely creative, probably scantily clad outfit all night long.

2. Booze


Crucial, especially if you are travelling on a coach and don't know a single soul. As a wise man once said, the best of friends are made over alcohol. That said, you don't want to be the person who vomits in the first few hours of a 26 hours coach journey. Play it cool, kids.

3. Paracetamol / Vitamin C Supplements


4. Ear Plugs & Eye Mask


5. Condoms


Because nobody wants to come back from the ski trip with herpes or a child.

6. Oversized Neon Beanie

Photo: itsaseasonthing.com

You can spot a ski trip from a mile off, thanks to the prevalence of this ginormous (and frankly hideous) neon beanies on everyone's heads. Get involved.

7. Speakers


The person with the best speakers = the person on the first night with the most popular room.

8. Your Good Underwear

Photo: Daily Mail

facebook grab Varsity Trip facebook group

Not your holey underpants or manky bra. There is a high chance you will be made to whip off your top mid-afternoon during some on-piste après action. Trust us, you will be glad you wore your new one when the photos pop up on Facebook afterwards.

9. Pack of Cards


Useful for inevitable drinking games (yes, everyone does have a different set of rules for Ring Of Fire, get used to it) or leaving ill-advised messages on your roommates' pillow when you can't find a piece of paper.

10. Insurance

ski crash

ski crash

Boring, but TOTALLY NECESSARY. How many ski trips have you heard where someone breaks a bone on the first day? Every single one. Fork out for this and you'll avoid that painful conversation with your parents later...

11. Your Dignity


Because you won't be able to find it afterwards...

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