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12 Insane Videos Which Prove That Action Sports Are Made Better With Fire

Fancy setting yourself on fire and skateboarding off a roof?

If there’s one thing Mpora loves more than biscuits and the song Angel Witch by Angel Witch, it’s videos of stuff on fire. Our first passions, of course, are action sports and adventure. Those two are gold and silver medal winners, no doubt about it. But getting itself on the podium, and burning the podium down in the process, is good old fashioned fire.

To show you how dedicated we are to fire, and also action sports, we’ve compiled our favourite videos of these two forces of nature coming together and putting on a show. Surfing on fire, skydiving on fire, skateboarding on fire, mountain biking on fire, BMXing on fire,  snowboarding on fire; it’s all here. Get your oven gloves on, and proceed with caution. This is some seriously hot stuff.

1) Killing A Parachute…With Fire

There’s things in life that go together like peas and carrots; carrots and peas, for example. But for every Lennon/McCartney, Ant/Dec, and Rachel/Ross combination, there’s a manure pile/hot summer’s day, nut allergy/open packet of peanuts, and sock/sandal duet to counterbalance all the harmonious pairings in the world.

One thing that keeps getting paired up, even though it definitely shouldn’t, is fire and parachutes. You’d think the last thing BASE jumpers and skydivers would want near the flappy wind-resistant thing that stops them dying is a flaming ball of fire. Judging by the never ending stream of fiery parachute videos that keep popping up on the internet, however, apparently not. Brianne Thompson loves killing her parachute with fire. She just doesn’t give a fudge (swear word has been replaced with “fudge”).

2) Skateboarding? Fireboarding!

You know when you’re down at the skatepark and your mate is absolutely killing it. Maybe he’s killing it so much that you haven’t been able to stop yourself from excitedly saying something weird, something like: “dude, you are literally on fire today what with all them sick tricks that you’re pulling.” Come on. We’ve all been there.

But, what if you’re mate was literally on fire? Or, at least, his board was? What would you say? Well, if he’s anything like the dudes in this ‘BeyondSlowMotion’ video you probably wouldn’t be able to. Such levels of control would be impressive under normal circumstances, factor in the fiery skateboard and you’ve got yourself a spectacle that’s sure to leave you wide-smiled and speechless.

3) BMX + Fire = BMX On Fire

This is what Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage, would have looked like if it hadn’t starred Nicolas Cage and had replaced the motorbike with a BMX (and had been less than a minute long).

Duuuuuuude! Your BMX is on fire. Dude! Hello! Your BMX is on fire. Repeat. Your BMX is on fire. Put your face an inch from your screen while watching this and you can pretty much smell the burning rubber. Mmmmm. Burning-rubber-smell.

4) Fire Juggling While Snowboarding

If Teton Gravity Research ever decide to get into the circus game full time, they could make a start by hiring this snowboarding fire juggler man. Look. Look at him go. He’s juggling fire…while slowly riding his snowboard down the hill. Bravo! Jolly good show!

The only thing missing from this big top routine is a clown driving around in a tiny car, throwing whipped cream pies directly into the faces of startled businessmen. Other than that though, this is pure unadulterated theatre.

5) Water Skiing Through Fire

How do you put out fire? By water skiing right through the middle of it, obviously! This is right up there in the laddish league table of laddish behaviour. The only thing that could have made this more laddish is if the waterskier in question was wearing a tuxedo, and had a naked supermodel on his back like Richard Branson.

In all seriousness, if you do discover a fire we’d recommend that you call the emergency services or use a fire extinguisher…rather than spend time and effort sourcing a high powered speed boat, some water skis, and a water-filled lake. By the time you’ve got all that sorted, the thing you’re trying to stop from burning down will probably have burnt down.

6) Fire Surfing On Teahupo’o

Jamie O’Brien: professional surfer, and full-time fire enthusiast. Not content with just surfing one of the most notorious and dangerous waves on the planet, O’Brien decided to do it…while on fire.

Surfing can be hard at the best of times but to do it while on fire, well that’s a whole other kettle of fish; a kettle of fish that’s on fire, a kettle of fish that, as a result of the fire, has boiled all the fish inside the kettle to death. Ok. That got weird. Hats off to O’Brien though. What an absolute dude.

7) Skating Off The Roof…While On Fire

The gentleman in this video is like that kid you went to school with, the one who’d lick the chalkboard for 50p, or eat some Pritt Stick in exchange for a packet of crisps and a chocolate biscuit. He’s game for a laugh, loves the thrill of the challenge, and seeks the approval of others (which pretty much applies to anyone under the age of 40 these days).

That being said, no matter how much we seek the approval of others we doubt we’d ever go to the lengths this guy goes to. I mean, buying a round of beers for your mates is one thing, setting the whole of your back on fire and skateboarding off a roof is quite another.

8) Setting A Rollerblade On Fire

We love this video. We love the simplicity of it. It features a man, standing in front of a wall, setting a rollerblade on fire. That’s it. There’s no preamble, no bullshit, it does exactly what it does. If you like your action sports and fire combinations straight to the point, you’ll like this video more than you like having fingers on your hands.

It’s oddly hypnotic, beautifully quirky, and worthy of a short film award. If Wes Anderson ever gets into action sports filmmaking, we reckon it would look something like this (although, of course, Bill Murray would have to make an appearance at some point).

9) Fire Knife Dancing On Longboards

Filmed in Samoa, this cracking little video shows exactly what happens when you combine the noble art of fire knife dancing with the poetic movement of longboard riding. It’s truly majestic.

If you’ve just got into longboarding and are looking to spice things up, a word of warning fo’ ye. Although the chaps in this video make fire knife dancing on longboards look like the easiest cakewalk in a park made entirely of cakes, it’s actually a pretty tricky thing to do. We’ve never done it ourselves, but we can just tell that if we did we’d burn off our own eyebrows before you could say “eyebrow.”

10) Jumping Off A Cliff…On Fire

What do you get when you combine cliff jumping and fire? This. This is what you get. You certainly don’t get a fountain made entirely of marshmallows, or a sandwich made of glue. That would be strange.

Fortunately, the lad in the video survives this daredevil stunt. And we have to say, the footage is sicker than a bucket of cat sick. We wouldn’t have enjoyed it anywhere near as much if he’d tripped, fallen, and died a horrible death…but that’s beside the point. He nailed the dive, score a million “man points”, and probably got a huge shot of adrenaline from it.

11) MTBing With A Firework Helmet

Ludo May. More like Ludo May-niac! Am-I-right?! This video of May nailing a mountain biking trail in the dark, with a firework display localised on the top of his head is an oldie…but it’s also a goldie.

At the time of writing, it’s November 4th. That means tomorrow is the 5th of November (aka fireworks night right here in the UK). If you’re sat there thinking to yourself this would be a great way to liven up your back garden display, you’d be right. It would also be a way to end your evening in the hospital, so that’s something that’s maybe worth considering.

12) Hiking…On Lava (Sort Of)

Are we actually saying that hiking is an action sport? Well, yes, for the purpose of this article we are. Are we using this video to boost the number of videos on this list from 11 to 12? Because we think 12 feels a more well rounded number than 11? No comment.

Anyway, you’ve probably seen it before. We made a big song and dance about in an old article entitled What Happens When You Step On Molten Lava? This Guy Found Out… Enjoy it. And, also, remember that hiking on lava is never a good idea…even when it feels like a good, it’s not…it’s definitely not.

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