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Guns, Dogs and Bouncing Boobs… Is There Anywhere People Haven’t Tried to Mount a GoPro?

13 of the weirdest and most wonderful GoPro mounts you'll ever see

Yes that is a GoPro gun mount. Photo:

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth capturing it on camera. We all know that if its not on camera then it doesn’t count.

Here are the weirdest and most wonderful GoPro mounts ready for your next edit. (Or dreams, we can’t all afford drones you know…)

1) The Fat Gecko Ka Boom! (Yes it’s really called that…)

One of the most versatile accessories on the market, allowing you to capture a variety of angles across a plethora of sports and situations.

Can be used as a boom or a helmet mount. Even better it’s only £70!

2) The Morpheus (not to be confused with Laurence Fishburne)

This champion accessory first appeared as a Kickstarter campaign at the tail end of 2013. What’s fantastic is the fact they smashed their target and have actually started producing the Morpheus Stabiliser.

Morpheus is a stabilizer, tripod, dolly, crane and slider that’s extremely, lightweight, compact and easy to use. Apparently.

What’s even better is that it only costs $140, so it’s (relatively) affordable for a thoroughly professional piece of kit. It also works with your iPhone or other similar sports action camera.

3) The ‘Deep Throat’ Mouth Mount

Ever needed that accessory that gives you the mouth-based point of view? No? Well these guys have made one anyway with the MyGo Mouth Mount.

Simply bite a snorkel mouthpiece with a GoPro mounted on to the bottom of it and you’re on to a winner. $40… bargain!

Can’t imagine what else you’d use it for besides surfing though, and it doesn’t exactly make you look cool.

4) The Ultimate Gimbal

OK, it has a boring and unpronounceable name – the Feiyu FY-G3 Ultra 3-Axis Gimbal – but this is cool. And for our money it’s the best on the market.

This beauty is a handheld gimbal for your GoPro and gives you the ultimate in smooth tracking photography.

This eliminates any of that awful judder or motion blur that mars all selfie stick footage thanks to its 3-axis steady mount.

The only downside is the cost. At £210 we want one, but would always hear a small violin playing whenever somebody did something way gnarlier with a normal Go-Pole.

5) The Coke Bottle Floaty-Selfie Thing…

Who said you needed loads of cash to have the best GoPro accessories? Cleverly invented by two travelling web designers, this is the ultimate in multi-functional GoPro accessory hacks.

Its ummmm… a Coke bottle with a mount screwed into the top of it, with a GoPro screwed into that. May not sound much but it will help your GoPro float if you drop it in the water and act as a half-decent selfie-stick to boot.

If you are short of cash this is an easy quick fix. No pressure but we expect even more great things from this couple…

6) The GoPro Dog Harness

It’s a GoPro on a dog. It’s a GoPro on a dog. It’s a GoPro on a dog. It’s a GoPro on a dog. It’s a GoPro on a dog. It’s a GoPro on a dog. OH MY GOD IT’S A FUCKING GOPRO ON A FUCKING DOG!

Enough said really, GoPros and dogs are winning combinations, and enough to make you really broody… for a dog. (Dog-Broody should be a recognised medical condition in our humble opinion)

However an actual GoPro harness for your dog is only £15. The best value accessory ever. Because this…

7) The Bottle Mount

The happiest day of your life, all of your friends and family, a GoPro and a bottle of Fireball whisky. And it results in the best wedding video of all time.

Its amazing the fun that can be had with a standard sticky mount or helmet mount, but put it on a bottle of whisky and it becomes something else!

8) The GoPro Gun Mount (for real rednecks)

For the next time you find yourself in real life call of duty. Or need to go on an ‘Archer’ or ‘Bond-villain’ based rampage.

Welcome to one of the weirdest GoPro mounts, with the option of filming towards your face and towards the barrel of your gun.

For all of your hunting and errrr redneck rampaging needs.

9) The GoPro Snorkelling Mask

For a whopping £70 you can have a shot very similar to a Go-Pole but without the ability to move your GoPro around to follow sea life or take the ultimate shark selfie.

But included in the price is the ability to look like you have given up on ever having sex again.

10) The Music Mount

GoPro do a while variety of music mounts so you can capture yourselves rocking out. While unexpected from an action sports camera it’s great for video tutorials and video analysis.

It’s also truly exceptional when you combine them with a trombone and trombone player David Finlayson.

11) The Easiest 4 Million Youtube Hits Ever

How do you get 4 million hits with nothing but a GoPro and a standard head mount?

Simple, get a girl to wear it while running, and angle it down a couple of degrees. *Sigh* the internet is horribly predictable sometimes isn’t it?

12) Droooooone!

It’s awesome, and we all know it’s the big bad daddy of GoPro accessories. Though there are many drones on the market the DJI phantom is always rated as the best for value, quality and reliability.

It will only set you back £750. Plus another £150 for a case to carry it in.

But fuck, we still love it!

13) The Bullet Time Rig…

The bullet time rig is the ultimate and most wonderful GoPro mount. If you’ve got 52 GoPros…

Honestly though, this should probably top the best accessory of all time list.

Rows upon rows of the cameras carefully aligned to capture the best of action sports, and then edited to make you feel as if you are in The Matrix.

The Bullet Rig absolutely won the internet with GoPro’s video following pro surfer Kelly Slater in Tahiti. However a far cuter example is the one above of dogs (yes more dogs) with a mega 52 GoPros.


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