In what sounds like an odd combination of Top Gun, The West Wing, and Touching The Void, Kim apparently summited the peak surrounded by hundreds of fighter pilots and party officials. Why? Why not!

Maybe more impressive is the fact that, judging by the photoshops.... we mean pictures, he did it all in a nice pair of black leather brogues. That's pretty good going, given the Paektu Mountain is a hefty 2,744 meters high.

To put that into context, it's about a third of the height of Mt. Everest, but over double the height of the UK's largest mountain Ben Nevis. But this isn't the only gnarly thing our Kim has in his locker.

Here are 20 things the baby faced leader has done, with the help of photoshop, that will astound you:

1) He Taught A Black Bear To Surf



2) Then Killed The Surfing Black Bear In One Kick When It Attacked Another Surfer



3) He Ran 26 Marathons On 26 Consecutive Days



4) He Sailed The 16,000 Miles From North Korea To Cuba Single Handed, Aged 17



5) He Sailed Back From Cuba To North Korea Aged 15



6) He Has 2 Degrees In Computer Science, And A Masters In Urbonics



7) The Misty Flip Is Named After Him



8) He Won 4 Golds 7, 7 Silvers, And A Bronze In The 2012 North Korean X Games - (he was the only competitor)



9) He Played Rhythm Guitar On The Rolling Stones Single 'Brown Sugar'



10) He's The Only Man To Have Survived 3 Years Without Food While Trekking Through The Forests Of Borneo



11) He Successfully Got Two Pandas To Breed In Captivity By Singing Smooth Operator By Sade To Them For Fifteen Hours Straight



12) He Built A Full Size Replica Of The Matterhorn Entirely From Nice Biscuits



13) He Scaled A Full Size Replica Of The Matterhorn Made Entirely From Nice Biscuits



14) He Ate His Way Down From A Full Size Replica Of The Matterhorn Made Entirely From Nice Biscuits



15) He Became The First Human To Successfully Raise A Dragon



16) He Became The First Human To Drink The Blood of A Dragon Raised By A Human



17) He Invented Free Running While Off. His. Tits On Dragon Blood



18) He Landed The First Ever 900 On A Skateboard, Dressed As Middle Aged American Man



19) He Made Danny MacAskill Using An Action Man And A Computer After Watching The Movie Weird Science



20) He Used His Computer Degrees To Censor All The Risqué Anastasia Ashley Pictures That Leaked During The Fappening


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